14-year ban on Mehardeep Chhayakar, Indian-born UAE cricketer

The International Cricket Council, while taking strict action on match fixing, imposed a 14-year ban on Indian-born UAE cricketer Mehardeep Chhayakar. According to the report, Mehrdeep was accused of fixing matches in the series between UAE and Zimbabwe in 2019 and in Canada’s GT20 league in the same year.

14-year ban on Mehardeep Chhayakar, Indian-born UAE cricketer

During the hearing at the ICC, the tribunal found Mehardeep guilty of seven violations of the International Cricket Council and Cricket Canada’s anti-corruption code. The ICC has issued a statement informing about the ban on Meherdeep by the tribunal. Earlier, the ICC had also banned two other UAE cricketers for violating the anti-corruption code in the case involving Chhayakar. Mehardeep, who has played as a wicketkeeper-batsman for several top cricket clubs in the UAE, has denied all allegations of match-fixing against him. Mehardeep was found guilty of two counts of deliberately undermining a player and two counts of breaching the Anti-Corruption Code. UAE cricketer Mehardeep Chhayakar was also found guilty of non-cooperation in the investigation of match-fixing allegations, which is why the ICC took such strict action.

Mehardeep Chhayakar

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