Aston Vs Chelsea | Aston Villa assistant Gary McAllister & Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel statements after match

Here are Aston Villa assistant Gary McAllister & Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel statements after the Aston Vs Chelsea match. Read out what are their thought regarding performance of their players.

Aston Villa assistant Gary McAllister statements

Aston Villa assistant Gary McAllister said in a interview that: “Looking at the result, I think it flatters Chelsea a bit. They have some very good players. Romelu Lukaku made a difference. I felt that we played some good football and we kept the ball away from our goal, but then they made the changes, and they came out on top.

“In the phases of play I thought we were better in possession at times but the wrong decision was made with the final pass at times. We started the second half very slowly and we sunk a bit, and hence lost that goal to Lukaku’s header. Also, we tried to play with intensity and make passes.

“We know it is very important to get possession of the football against a quality side like Chelsea. We have played City, Liverpool, and Chelsea in the last few weeks and had the chance to have a look at the elite teams and it’s encouraging that we have competed very well. A bit of identity is starting to appear.”

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel | Aston Vs Chelsea

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said: “It’s a big victory. The reaction was very, very good, and the mentality was outstanding. We did not allow any changes and created a lot of chances. Job did, but we are worried. We have another injured player. We play against a team with no international duty. At some stage, it’ll catch us.

“It gives us satisfaction to win, but it’s not enough changes for us. Five subs were invented because of Coronavirus. Europe has a winter break but we play through and put it on the players’ shoulders. They make us play all the time even if we have Covid. We have new injuries and it won’t stop. People at the green table, somewhere in offices make these decisions.

aston vs chelsea

“It’s not fair today. He [Lukaku] had a very good performance, he was very helpful, but it’s not fair. He’s not ready for that even if he wants it. We’ve all been in bed for 10 days with flu. I did not play two days later a match at Villa Park – we don’t know what happens from that. We just put the players in but we don’t know [what the impact is]. He was a game-changer today. I’m super impressed with the guys but I’m super concerned.”

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