Australian player David Warner reason for not playing PSL

Australian player David Warner has given a reason for not playing PSL. Talking about the visit to Pakistan, he said that everything is positive regarding the visit to Pakistan, there are very loving people here and the crowd has also supported us. He said that PCB and Cricket Australia have done a lot for this tour.

Australian player David Warner has given a reason for not playing PSL

Speaking at a press conference in Karachi, David Warner said that the game should be won, the crowd is the most important part of the game so I win with them.

“I wanted to be Shane Warren and I started my career as a bowler,” he said.

Australian player David Warner

Talking about the pitch in Rawalpindi, he said that the wicket of Rawalpindi was lifeless, we want a match in which there is a chance for the bowlers. He will check the condition in Karachi. It is not known how many spinners will play in Karachi. He added that it is unfortunate that when there is PSL I am playing international cricket so it becomes difficult. It should be noted that Australian batsman David Warner has become so famous due to his unique moves during the cricket match that he remains the center of attention on the ground.

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