Batsman Babar Azam said that, “I feel proud to be Pakistani”.

Pakistan cricket team captain and renowned batsman Babar Azam says that it is a pleasure when overseas players come to the Pakistani ground and wave the national flag. Speaking at the Independence Day ceremony at the Pakistani Embassy in Den Haag, Netherlands, the captain of the national cricket team and famous batsman Babar Azam said that I feel proud to be Pakistani, we are all ambassadors of Pakistan.

Batsman Babar Azam said that, “I feel proud to be Pakistani”

Captain Babar Azam said that we are happy when overseas Pakistanis come to the ground and wave the national flag, it is heartwarming when the fans cheer. Babar Azam further said that we are trying to keep the name of Pakistan bright. The national team captain said that Pakistan cricket team players are in good form, and will perform well in the series against the Netherlands.

Pakistani cricket captain Babar Azam about to make new record!


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