Kylian Mbappé has decided to stay at the club the PSG

French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player Kylian Mbappé has decided to stay at the club the PSG, dispelling all rumors. Mbappé has decided to stay at PSG, rejecting reports of joining Real Madrid. Under the new contract, he will receive 4 4 ​​million a month, with an annual income of 48 million, making his parents the highest-paid footballers.

Kylian Mbappé has decided to stay at the club the PSG

The agreement with PSG has been extended by Kylian Mbappé. Following the agreement, the French football stars will continue to represent the French club PSG. Under the new agreement, Kylian Mbappé will represent the club until 2025, according to the report. The 23-year-old French forward was thought to be parting ways with Real Madrid following his departure from PSG. Real Madrid was willing to pay 23 230 million for the world’s best striker Mbappé. If the deal goes through, the French football star would receive a 110m signing fee and 20m a year in salary.

According to the report, the extension of PSK’s contract by the parents has taken world football by surprise. Parents have always said that playing for Real Madrid has been a dream for them. He still wants to play for them one day. News of the extension of the contract to PSG by Mbabane surfaced on Saturday, May 21, after which the name of PSG and Mbappé became a top trend on social media. After the signing of the agreement, the parents also addressed the fans. On this occasion, the parents also waved the 2025 number jersey in the air. Naseer Al Khalafi, President of PSG Club was also present on the occasion. Before the announcement of the parents, the president of PSG addressed the fans and said today I want to share the happy news with you people.

It is worth mentioning here that for the past several weeks, the news of Kylian Mbappé‘s participation in the 13-time European champion Real Madrid was hot. Madrid has beaten PSG in the Champions League this season, but once again the transfer has not been in the market. On the other hand, a new controversy has arisen in European football over Kalyan Kylian Mbappé‘s deal with PSG. The Spanish league La Liga has filed a formal complaint against the French club. According to La Liga, how can a club that has shown a loss for the last two years gives so much money to a player? La Liga management says PSG has violated rules to protect football.

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