Muhammad Hasnain allowed to bowl in all types of cricket

Pakistan Cricket Board has announced that fast bowler Muhammad Hasnain is allowed to bowl in all types of cricket. According to ICC rules, the elbow of his arm was reported to be less than 15 degrees during the bowling action test. Mohammad Hasnain was suspended following a bowling action test at an ICC-approved testing center in Lahore.

Muhammad Hasnain allowed to bowl in all types of cricket

Cricket Australia’s experts had on January 21, after a detailed review of the test report, declared Muhammad Hasnain’s bowling action illegal. Muhammad Hasnain took the bowling action test again on May 21 at the ICC-approved Lahore Testing Center. Cricket Australia experts also confirmed the report after reviewing it. Muhammad Hasnain’s bowling action was initially reported during a domestic event in Australia in January.

Fast bowler Mohammad Hasnain bowling action report has been sent to Cricket Australia. The bowling action report would be announced by Cricket Australia.

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