PCB Dr. Najibullah Soomro has made a sensational revelation

Pakistan Cricket Board’s Dr. Najibullah Soomro has made a sensational revelation that he was given illicit medicine to save wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan during the T20 World Cup last year. Rizwan, 29, contracted a serious chest infection just two days before the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup between Pakistan and Australia at the Dubai International Stadium.

PCB Dr. Najibullah Soomro has made a sensational revelation

Rizwan spent two nights in the ICU before miraculously recovering from the mega-match. Dr Suheer Zainul Abidin, who was treating Mohammad Rizwan, had said that when the cricketer was brought to the hospital, he had severe chest pain. His breathing and esophagus had shrunk. Dr. Najibullah has recently revealed that prior permission was sought from the concerned authorities for the use of the prohibited substance. Dr. Najibullah told Rizwan in an interview:

“You were unable to breathe and I had to get permission from the International Cricket Council to administer the medicine to help you recover. It is prohibited for athletes but since no other option was available, we have to get permission from the ICC to inject this drug.”

Before the semi-final of the T20 World Cup against Australia, Dr. Najeeb of the national team along with Babar Azam had said in a press conference that Rizwan was undergoing treatment in hospital for 2 days due to a chest infection. He was in ICU but no one was informed. That the team’s morale should not be down, incredibly before the match Rizwan should be declared healthy.

After the match, former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also shared a picture of Rizwan on Twitter in which he was present in the hospital bed. Apart from the five matches of the Super 12 stage, Rizwan, who did not disappoint the nation even in the semi-finals, played brilliantly and scored 67 runs off 52 balls but Pakistan lost the match.

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