Roman Abramovich Selling Chelsea Football Club!

Roman Abramovich, the Russian-born owner of Chelsea Football Club, a leading English Premier League team, has been banned by the British government. The sanctions were imposed by the British government in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Roman is one of seven people of Russian descent who have been banned.

Roman Abramovich has been banned by the British government

Mr. Abramovich himself had expressed fears that he might be banned, which is why he quietly stated his intention to sell Chelsea Football Club. The British government has ordered the confiscation of all Abramovich assets in Britain. And the patronage of the football club has been taken away.

Roman Abramovich

Chelsea Football Club will now operate under a special license under the supervision of a special supervisor. The club is now barred from further selling its tickets, and those who already have advance booking tickets will now be allowed to watch club matches this season. The British government has also imposed travel bans on Abramovich.

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