Shahid Khan Afridi analyzed the current political situation in a video!

Former national cricket team captain Shahid Khan Afridi also analyzed the current political situation. It is said that Imran Khan’s team was good in World Cup 1992 and then they won. If Imran Khan’s team was good in politics, it would not have happened. In a video message, former cricket captain Shahid Afridi has presented his analysis of Imran Khan’s 92 World Cup-winning team and 2018 political teams.

Shahid khan Afridi says that Imran Khan’s team was good in Cricket World Cup 1992, then victory was possible. If Imran Khan’s team was good in politics then it would not be like what is happening today. He further said that the team should have been one that had to take care of its accent and language, not all the work was to be done by Imran Khan out of PM House. Regarding the government, Shahid Afridi says that whoever the government is, it should complete 5 years.

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