Shane Warne died last week in Mount Samui, of a heart attack!

Shane Warne died last week in Mount Samui. Thai police say an autopsy has been carried out to determine the cause of death of Australian bowler Shane Warne. According to the foreign news agency, the deputy spokesman of the Thai National Police said that the report revealed that Shane Warne’s death was medical.

Shane Warne died of a heart attack

Shane Warne’s family has been notified of the report. He further added that investigators would further investigate the matter and send it to government officials as soon as possible. Shane Warne’s body will be flown to Bangkok, where he will be handed over to Australian diplomats.

Prominent Australian League spinner Shane Warne has died of a heart attack. Australian media has reported the death of Shane Warne,

Shane Warne died last week in Mount Samui, Thailand, of a heart attack. Cricket Australia said Shane Warne was found unconscious at his home, and medical staff was called to the scene, but his efforts to recover were unsuccessful. Shane Warne has represented Australia in 145 Tests and 194 ODIs, taking 708 wickets in Test cricket and 293 wickets in ODIs.

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