Wood hopes to peak for the World Cup 2022-23

Wood hopes to peak for the World Cup 2022-23 and Mark Wood, an England bowler, has voiced confidence. He will be fully recovered in time to compete at his best in this year’s Twenty20 World Cup in Australia. Wood, who missed the entire English summer. Due to an elbow injury returned to international cricket on Friday in Karachi. It helped England defeat Pakistan by 63 runs.

Wood hopes to peak for the World Cup 2022-23

An England bowler named Mark Wood has expressed optimism. He will be healthy enough to play at his peak level in the Twenty20 World Cup that will be held in Australia this year. All of Wood’s time in England was wasted. On Friday in Karachi, after missing time with an elbow injury, he was back in action for the national team. They were able to use it to their advantage and beat Pakistan by 63 runs.

“My body feels OK,” Wood told Sky Sports after the win. “I’ll probably live on an ice machine now.

“What’s important for me is that I don’t want to go too hard now and then I’m not ready for Australia. I’ve got to peak at the right time, and then when it comes to that World Cup, I’m fit and firing.

“I’m just a little bit tired. It’s my first game in a while but actually, I felt pretty good leading into it. I’ve done loads of time in the gym, lots of running, but nothing is the same as playing a game.”

With the win, England now leads the seven-match series 2-1. They will face Pakistan on Sunday as both teams continue their preparations for the T20 World Cup, which will be held from October 16 to November 13.

Wood hopes to peak for the World Cup 2022-23

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