Real Madrid defeated Liverpool in a thrilling match | Champions League final

In the Champions League final, Real Madrid defeated Liverpool in a thrilling match, after which Liverpool failed to fulfill this dream for the seventh time. A key role in the match in Paris, France, was played by a goal scored by Venice Jr. in the second half, which paved the way for Real Madrid to win. Real Madrid goalkeeper Theba Courtois kept Liverpool at bay by stopping one goal after another. Liverpool have won the trophy six times so far and the last time they lifted the cup was in the 2018-2019 season. Mohamed Salah, who wanted to avenge his injury in the final against Real Madrid in 2018 due to injury, could not fulfill his wish as Courtois stopped his goal three times.

Real Madrid defeated Liverpool in a thrilling match | Champions League final

The victory is also record-breaking because Carlo Ancelotti has become the first coach in history to win a Champions League title for the fourth time. Even before the match, Real Madrid was being declared the favorite and the decisive moment came 59 minutes later when Venice scored. For Liverpool, this season has been fantastic, as they have won the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. They both won in the penalty round against Chelsea. But that same week he suffered a double whammy as he lost to Manchester City by one point in the Premier League and then Real Madrid goalkeeper Courtois made life difficult for him.

The Belgian court-martial continued to be a challenge for Mohamed Salah’s side as they defended their penalty area gym. On several occasions, Salah was shaking his head in uncertainty when Courtois blocked Liverpool’s goal. Liverpool’s overall performance has not been as impressive and they have suffered the loss of not playing aggressively, which has helped Real Madrid win the title for a record 14th time. Another disturbing incident for Liverpool took place outside the stadium where thousands of Liverpool fans failed to enter the stadium and were sprayed with pepper spray by the police while embarrassed by the police.

Real Madrid defeated Liverpool in a thrilling match | Champions League final

Liverpool are demanding an investigation into the incident outside Stade de France. Due to this incident, the match started 30 minutes late. On the other hand, this is an important opportunity for Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, who was brought to Bernabeu from Everton a year ago and since his return he has won La Liga and the Champions League so far. Even in the press conference before the Ancelotti match, the most calm and very confident were seen. He has led his team twice against Liverpool, once in the Champions League and once against AC Milan in 2007.

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